5 Types of Auto Maintenance Provided by a Reputable Mechanic in Spokane


It's easy to forget just how much stress we put our vehicles through as we go about the daily routine. Even if you're not making cross-country treks, the odometer turns just the same as you go about driving between home and the office. As the miles add up, your car experiences wear and tear. To minimize the damage, it's of great importance to adhere to factory-scheduled maintenance, as well as making sure that you get to the shop for tune-ups as your vehicle gets on in years. Here's a look at five types of maintenance provided by a reputable auto shop in the Spokane area.

Oil Change

It's difficult to overstate the importance of keeping the right amount of clean oil in your engine. A great benefit of going to an actual mechanic for an oil change, rather than an express lube joint, is that you'll have a true automotive professional taking a look at the underside of your vehicle, which could result in the discovery of an emerging problem before it becomes an excessively expensive nightmare.

30/60/90k Maintenance

Your vehicle rolled off the factory line with a maintenance plan already in place. It's important to keep up on the plan to keep your car, truck, or SUV performing at its peak. This will also help to ensure that your warranty remains valid.


The general rule of thumb is that, once your vehicle's odometer rolls over the 100,000 mile mark, you should get in for a tune-up every 10,000 to 20,000 miles that follow. A tune-up is the sort of thing that can help to maximize your vehicle's resale value, while also keeping it performing strongly while it's still in your possession.

Tire Rotation

To ensure a smooth ride, it's important that your tire tread wears down evenly, which is an issue that can be addressed with tire rotation.

Wheel Alignment

A sign that you need alignment is that your vehicle has a tendency to drift in one direction.

If you're in need of auto maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable shop. For auto maintenance in Airway Heights and the greater Spokane area, the experts to contact are at Inland Sales & Service at 509-202-4025. Go ahead and give Inland Sales & Service a call today!

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