4 Signs of Upcoming Engine Failure


Your vehicle's engine is what creates the power necessary to take you to all the places you want to go. If you do not provide it with the necessary maintenance that it needs or if your vehicle has already seen many, many miles of road you may begin to experience signs of engine trouble. While often times these signs just indicate that a repair is necessary, you may be on the brink of needing an engine rebuild or replacement. It's a case of ?sooner the better? to get to the auto repair shop when you realize your vehicle is having engine trouble. These are four of the most common signs of potential engine failure.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

Excessive amounts of smoke coming out of your tailpipe can indicate a number of things. Depending on the color of smoke you can tell what sort of problem is occurring within the engine. Black smoke means too much gasoline is being burnt in the engine. Blue smoke is an indication of an oil leak, allowing oil to be burnt up inside the engine. Lots of white smoke means that coolant is being cooked due to a cooling system leak, which can cause the engine to overheat.

Knocking Noise

If your engine begins to create a repetitive knocking noise there is a good chance it is low on engine oil. While this can sometimes be reversed by adding fresh oil, it's likely that the bottom end of the engine will need be rebuilt. The moving parts of the engine rest on engine bearings and when they are not properly lubricated or become worn out they will produce the knocking noise.


Constant vibrations coming from the engine is a sure sign of low engine oil, resulting in metal on metal contact that can cause catastrophic engine failure. As the metal pieces rub together without lubrication they quickly degrade and the parts can actually melt themselves with the intense heat they create.

Loss in Power

A sudden or gradual loss in power is a positive sign of some sort of engine wear and tear. While loss in power is a fairly normal thing to occur over many years of road life, if it isn't attended to when it is first noticed it will only grow worse and the problem causing it can end up causing additional issues requiring even more extensive engine repair.

If you want to maintain a healthy driving vehicle don't delay contacting an auto repair shop if you believe your vehicle's engine is having some sort of issue. If you need engine repair in Spokane trust your vehicle to the certified professionals at Inland Sales & Service. We will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with your options in regard to engine repair or replacement. Give us a call today at 509-202-4025 to request an estimate or schedule an appointment for quality auto repair in Spokane.

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