How do I know if my vehicle is having alternator trouble?


To be able to fire up your engine and bring it roaring to life, your alternator needs to be in healthy condition. Otherwise, you may very well end up stranded in a parking lot or stalled out on the roadway. Beyond that, a healthy alternator plays a crucial role in the ability of your electrical accessories to function properly. Here's a look at five signs that your vehicle is having alternator trouble.

Indicator Lights

Vehicles often have a set of dashboard indicator lights that will inform you if a problem is detected with the alternator. If this occurs, you'll likely see the letters ALT or GEN become illuminated. This is commonly the very first sign of an alternator issue and should be taken seriously.

Dead Battery

While it's certainly possible that a battery will die for other reasons, if yours is a newish one and dies, then there's a good chance that the alternator is to blame...unless of course you forgot to turn off the headlights.

Stalling Out

For your pistons to keep pumping without interruption, your alternator needs to be in healthy shape.

Electrical Accessory Failure

There are a number of electrical accessories in your vehicle that are dependent on the alternator for their functionality. If you are experiencing issues with your power windows, radio, or other electrical accessories, then you have good reason to be suspicious of alternator trouble.

Fading or Flickering Headlights

This is pretty telltale sign that the alternator is struggling.

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