Tips to Increase your MPGs!


It's no secret that gas is expensive and the price continues to fluctuate with current prices down significantly. All the more reason to improve your MPGs and save more money. As a vehicle owner there are a few things that you can do to combat the high prices. A well tuned automobile will get better gas mileage than one that is neglected and not taken care of properly. In addition to the following tips to increase fuel efficiency you should remember to conduct scheduled maintenance and change your oil on a regular basis!

Pump Up Your Tires

Underinflated tires can drop your fuel efficiency by up to 2 MPGs! Tires are designed to be pumped up to a certain PSI rating, which is pounds per square inch. Ask you local mechanic what your tires rating is.

Replace the Air Filter

Your car mixes air with the gas in order for the engine to run properly. The air flows through an intake and a filter to ensure it is clean. If the filter gets clogged it prevents the right amount of air to mix with the gas forcing your vehicle to burn more fuel than necessary.

Avoid Long Warm Ups

A car should not need more than a few seconds to be ready to hit the road after being turned on, except when windows are frozen over or something of that matter. If your car needs to warm up for more than a minute or two there is a larger problem that likely warrants a trip to the mechanic.

Replace Dirty Plugs

Spark plugs create a tiny explosion in order to power the pistons up and down and they burn fuel to do so. They fire millions of times for every 1,000 miles traveled and if spark plugs are dirty they will misfire, causing a major waste of gas.

Before you hit the road for any end of summer road trips make sure your car is ready to go the distance. With today's gas prices it is worth spending a little money on tuneup services now to save much more over the next couple years of driving. For expert auto maintenance in Spokane bring your car, truck or SUV to Inland Sales & Service in Airway Heights. They professional mechanics will have your car in top notch condition in a timely and affordable manner. They can also complete brake repair, engine repair, transmission service and anything else your vehicle needs. Call Inland Sales & Service at 509-202-4025 today to schedule an appointment for quality auto repair in Spokane!

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