5 Common Causes of a Check Engine Light Turning On


When the check engine light illuminates, there's a tendency to assume that there's an impending automotive disaster on the horizon. However, a check engine light can come on because of something as harmless as a loose gas cap. Nonetheless, if you're unsure what's causing the issue, it's best to play it safe and get to the shop for diagnostics. Here's a look at five common causes of a check engine light turning on.

Faulty Ignition Coil

This plays a major role in creating the spark that is needed to get your engine roaring to life. Ignition coils will sometimes fail because of exposure to extreme weather, but will regardless need to eventually be replaced due to standard wear.

Bad Battery or Charging System

Depending on the model year of your car, this might well be the reason that the light is illuminating.

Failing Mass Airflow Sensor

This is what keeps track of the quantity of air coming in and then makes a determination as to how much fuel to inject with it. Fortunately, if yours is failing, this is a relatively inexpensive fix to care of.

Faulty Catalytic Convertor

Unlike the mass airflow sensor, this is actually a rather costly fix. But it's a necessary one because this is what monitors carbon monoxide and turns it into an emission that isn't as harmful to the environment.

Loose Gas Cap

Seems strange, but it's true. If your gas cap isn't properly sealed, fuel can evaporate before you get the chance to use it, which can actually trigger the check engine light.

If you're in need of check engine light repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable shop. For check engine light diagnostics in Spokane, the experts to contact are at Inland Sales & Service at 509-202-4025. Go ahead and give Inland Sales & Service a call today!

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