3 Signs of a Problem with Your Brakes


When it comes to staying safe on the road, there's really no system in your car that is more important than your brakes. Whether you're driving in icy, snowy conditions or are cruising through deer country, the unexpected can occur without warning. Even if it's just your daily commute, there are plenty of dangerous drivers out on the road who could be driving while drunk or distracted. And when that inevitable moment arises when you do have to slam hard on your brakes, you want to be sure that they are functioning at the highest level. Too many people don't take seriously the symptoms of brake trouble, and as a result, are putting themselves and their passengers at significant risk. It's important to be able to recognize the indications of a brake problem. There are several signs that mean you need to get to the shop for brake work. Here are three of them:


If an ear-piercing, high-pitched squealing is blaring from your brakes, there's a good chance it's because your brake pads have worn down to the point that a little piece of metal attached to your brake pad is rubbing up against the rotor. When this symptom arises, you'll want to get to the shop quickly because there's a good chance you'll be able to address this problem before it becomes an expensive, dangerous nightmare.

Veering to One Side

When your car starts to pull to the right or left when you hit the brakes, you need to get to the shop right away. Not only are you putting yourself and your passengers at risk, but also everybody else on the road. Your car might be experiencing veering as a result of a caliper having frozen up due to corrosion. But regardless of the reason for the veering, the important thing is that you go and get the problem addressed as soon as you possibly can. You can't put it off for any longer at this point.


If it feels like your brakes are crunching when you step on the pedal, there's a good chance you'd already been hearing plenty of squealing. This could now mean that your brake pads have essentially disintegrated, leaving you to hope that no damage has been done to the discs. At this point, you want to get to the shop right away.

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