When do I need to replace my fuel filter?


Getting a new fuel filter isn't exactly as exciting as a new paint job, custom exhaust, or even a license plate frame from your alma mater. Nonetheless, the fuel filter is a critical component of your vehicle's health and well-being. It helps to ensure that all kinds of contaminants, from paint chips to dirt, keep out of the fuel itself. As it's doing this, it is also protecting your injectors and your fuel pump. And another big perk of a clean fuel filter is that it helps to make sure that you are maintaining the best fuel economy possible.

Getting a new fuel filter can be easy to put off, but really, the value of having a fully-functioning filter, along with the fact that getting one installed is actually quite convenient, should compel every car owner to keep up on this basic maintenance issue. This is a relatively simple task that will help to maximize your engine's performance. After all, if your engine is unable to freely draw fuel because of blockage from contaminants, it's not going to be happy. There are several indicators that it's time for a new fuel filter to be installed. Here are five of them:

Struggles at Low Speeds

It could be that when you're cruising down the highway, everything is smooth sailing, but then when it comes to stop-and-go traffic, things get herky-jerky. This could be an indication of a clogged filter causing poor fuel flow.

Car Won't Start

While this problem could arise for many different reasons, one of the possibilities is that your car is unable to draw fuel because of a clogged filter. If you'd already been experiencing signs of a fuel issue, then that only increases the likelihood that a clogged filter is to blame for your car's inability to start.

Trouble Getting Started

This could be an indication that the fuel flow is only partially blocked instead of fully blocked. If you're experiencing this symptom, you'll want to address it quickly to ensure that you don't end up finding yourself stranded once it gets to the point of total blockage.

Shaky Engine Idling

If you're waiting for the light to change, and your car is stuttering as if it could die at any moment, then you could be dealing with blockage in your fuel flow. Again, get to the shop quickly, so you don't get left stranded.

Engine Dies While Out On The Road

If this happens, it might well be because the symptoms were already present, but you didn't get to the mechanic in time.

If you're in need of fuel filter replacement or any other maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For auto maintenance in Spokane and Airway Heights, the experts to contact are at Inland Sales & Service at 509-202-4025. Go ahead and give Inland Sales & Service a call today!

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