3 Reasons Why it's Important to Stay Current on Oil Changes


You've probably heard by now that many automobile manufacturers are saying that, for new cars, it's unnecessary to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Rather, many folks are saying that waiting until 5,000 or even 7,500 miles have passed is just fine. Regardless, you'll want to be sure you're familiar with what your manufacturer recommends for your particular vehicle, and then adhere to that recommendation. Your engine's health is not something you want to take lightly. And an oil change is an affordable, convenient way to help ensure that your engine remains healthy and happy. All of us, at times, forget about just how much stress we put our cars through. Even if you're not driving back and forth from coast to coast, your odometer just keeps rolling over and rolling over as you go about dropping the kids off at school, heading to the office, picking up groceries on your way back home.

Your car's engine is filled with a myriad number of finely-crafted, intricately-fitting parts. And oil is the lube that makes their job doable. While your car might still run even if you have old, sludgy oil running through it, it's going to potentially create stress that is truly unnecessary because all you need to do is take 20 minutes at the shop to get it filled up with fresh stuff. And if you get your oil changed at an actual auto shop rather than at an express lube shop, you'll have the added benefit of getting a pair of professional eyes looking at your car. There are a number of reasons why it's important to stay current on your oil changes. Here are three of those reasons:

Engine performance

In addition to keeping all those parts lubricated, oil also works to redistribute heat from the combustion chamber, basically keeping your engine from blowing up. And if you let too much time go by in between oil changes, you risk letting gunk build up in the oil, which is not conducive to optimal performance.

Preventative maintenance

It's rare that you are presented with the opportunity to have an automotive professional take a look at the underside of your car. By taking your car to an actual shop for your oil change, you'll have an excellent chance for possible issues to be spotted. A mechanic has the kind of trained eyes that a worker at a lube shop doesn't necessarily have. Take advantage of that and present any concerns before they take your car back into the garage. They might just be able to help your prevent a problem that would've ended up costing a pretty penny.

Resale value

By hanging on to your maintenance records, you'll be showing to a prospective buyer that the car has been in good hands. This can be very important to buyers in a private market, where it can be difficult to know who to trust.

If you're considering getting to the shop for an oil change or any other general maintenance, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. In the Spokane area, the experts to contact are at Inland Sales & Service at 509-202-4025. Let Inland help you get the best performance out of your car.

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