4 Indicators of a Transmission Problem


In the Spokane area, we deal with myriad weather issues that can have an impact on our car. From blinding snow to blazing heat, our car has to deal with the conditions and can experience wear as a result. Still, we expect our car to do its job. We don't jump behind the wheel anticipating problems. As we go about our daily routine---taking the kids to school, heading to work, making a run to the grocery store---we assume that our car will remain reliable. Even if we drive an older model with high mileage, we set out on the road assuming that we'll arrive at our destination without issue. But the reality is that a car is filled with moving parts that experience massive stresses and will eventually wear down. The important thing is to be able to recognize the symptoms of a problems as they arise so that we can address the issue before it becomes a massive nightmare. One system in your car that will eventually have problems and need to be serviced is the transmission. There are a number of indicators that could mean you have a transmission problem. Here are four of them:

Burning scent

If you smell a burning odor, this could mean a number of different things. One of those things is that your transmission fluid could be running too hot, making it difficult for it to do its job. As a result there could be an increase in friction, which could lead to a very expensive fix at the shop. One way to monitor the problem is by keeping an eye on your fluid levels. You can do this yourself or, if you find yourself getting an oil change, you can ask them to take a look at your fluid levels for you.


If you're noticing a puddle of artificial-looking fluid on the ground where you park, this is suggestive of a problem. It doesn't immediately point to the transmission fluid, but if the fluid is a red or brownish color, there is a good chance that it is. Again, keep an eye on those fluid levels. At the same time, if you choose to refill the transmission fluid yourself, bear in mind that overfilling is also problematic.

Stalling out

If you're at a stop light or stop sign and your car suddenly shuts down, it could be because of faulty transmission lines. At this point, you'll want to get to the shop as soon as possible because replacing the lines is a much better deal than replacing the entirety of your transmission.

Slipping gear

If you're just driving along and the gear pops out, then you've got a significant problem on your hands. You'll want to get to the shop right away because at this point you don't have control over your vehicle and are putting yourself and other drivers at risk.

If you're considering getting transmission work done on your car, be sure to get in touch with a professional. In the Spokane area, the experts to contact are at Inland Sales and Service at 509-202-4025. Let them help you maintain confidence in your car.

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