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ASE Certified Auto Repair & Maintenance in Greater SpokaneInland Sales and Service is an Airway Heights auto service and repair shop specializing in brake service, engine repair, oil changes and other auto repair and maintenance services. We've been serving greater Spokane with expert auto repair for more than 12 years, and our ASE-certified auto mechanics can be trusted to provide reliable, high-integrity service every time. We're proud to back every auto repair with a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty accepted around the country, providing peace of mind when you travel. We even offer local area towing service to our repair shop if your car, truck or SUV isn't drivable. So whether you need complex engine repair or regularly scheduled auto maintenance, call Inland Sales and Service at 509-202-4025 today to schedule a visit with one of our fully certified auto technicians!

NAPA Auto Care Center in Greater SpokaneExperts at diagnosing problems, our highly skilled and experienced auto mechanics perform vehicle maintenance and repair on all makes and models. Whether it's brakes, transmission, radiator, air conditioning, alternator, clutch, timing belt, suspension, steering, tune-ups, fuel injection, belts or hoses, we'll provide high-integrity advice and reliable auto repair. You can trust our auto technicians to advise you on recommended maintenance procedures without the scare tactics or high-pressure sales techniques you may have experience elsewhere. At Inland Sales and Service, expect quality auto repairs from people you can trust.

With highly skilled ASE-certified auto technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, a national warranty that covers all auto repairs, and six months same-as-cash financing on approved credit, Inland Sales and Service has you covered. Next time you need auto repair in Spokane, call 509-202-4025 or visit our auto shop in Airway Heights for exceptional service and top quality auto care!

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